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Successful application for a car loan is just around the corner when you choose DreamCatcher Financing. Our team of well-respected and highly-educated car loan specialists get to work the moment you submit your form and are prepared to work with a wide variety of applicants with a huge spectrum of financial histories and credit scores. Have you had to file for bankruptcy in the past and are concerned that it will make getting a car loan difficult?

Well, when you hear that our track record for getting our applicants approved is 99%, you should feel comfortable knowing that you’re in the right hands. We put your interested first and work towards the attainable goal of providing you with the solutions to get you on the road in the vehicle you deserve without criticism or concerns. Apply today and let the DreamCatcher team get to work for you so you can focus on the important parts of life. We make it easy because we believe that everyone should have the vehicle they’ve always wanted to drive with the car loan that fits their needs to make that happen.

Approval For Those Who Have Declared Bankruptcy

Manage your future by acting today. It’s an easy motto to consider but a more difficult one to actually put into motion. At DreamCatcher Financing we understand and appreciate the concerns of drivers and their families that are looking for the best option to get them back on the road without the concerns or complications that come from traditional car loan lenders. Our network is encompassing and allows us to focus on your specific situation with the expectations set in mind that you will get the approval you’re after.

Know that we have worked for a wide variety of drivers with a range of credit scores and financial upsets and with all of them we have arrived at the point where we’ve been able to get them the results they deserved. It’s that simple when you work with a team of professionals that understand and appreciate your situation and have the solutions you’re after.


Want to Apply? It’s Easy!

We don’t want you have to spend long hours worrying and wondering whether you’re making the right decision. This is why we offer a free application process to allow you the peace of mind to see what happens and if you like what we have to say after our assessment, well then, you know you’re in the right hands with DreamCatcher!

Use our simple online form and fill in all the necessary information, including your home number (or preferred contact number), your name, birth date and SIN and let our experts get you the loan you deserve without long waits or feelings or uncertainty. We work with funding partners that are eager to offer you the rate you deserve and help you get the car you’ve always wanted.

DreamCatcher Financing – Auto Financing Solutions for All Drivers

We believe in transparency and getting results for our customers and want you to know that you’re in good hands when you apply with us. If you have any questions don’t hesitate in reaching out to our team who will be pleased to provide you with the answers you’re after.

People choose DreamCatcher Financing because we know what we’re doing and see our success in your success. If you have any questions about our fantastic services, please feel free to reach out to us at through our online form or by phone at 1-800-910-6402. We look forward to assisting you!